“GRUAL” Organic Restaurant

Organic Restaurant features dishes paying attention to ethics and using selected products for a culinary emotional experience. Seasonal ingredients and organic certified producers are preferred.



Large windows overlook the surrounding mountain scenery offering great views throughout the year. It is an ideal setting for a gastronomic experience that brings together traditional recipes and contemporary flavours.


A warm and enveloping space offering great cocktails and international liqueurs with an enchanting view over the town.


Guests can relax immersed in the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding peaks, sipping a drink in front of the main fire.


Extra virgin olive oil is an ingredient rich in organoleptic properties and nutritional values ​​and constitutes the main element of the Lefay Vital Gourmet philosophy and the Mediterranean diet. Our extra virgin olive oils are produced on Lefay’s farms on Lake Garda and in Tuscany.

Fruity and light extra virgin olive oil with olfactory notes of artichoke and almond, this olive oil is produced with pressed olives immediately after the harvest to preserve the fragrance. DELICATE

Fruity with intense notes of fresh grass and green banana, this olive oil has an initial sweet flavour, a slight bitterness and a final smooth spice. ROBUST

From Tuscany from hand-picked olives, the flavour is semi-fruity with hints of artichoke and fresh grass. CLASSIC